Star Gazer’s Deep Space Atlas, Outdoor edition

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The “Star Gazer’s Deep Space Atlas, Outdoor edition” is now available.

It is a full sky atlas, size A5 for practicality,  of all the stars and celestial objects (with all the relevant information) that you can locate with a telescope and binoculars. If you want to learn the sky or find these celestial objects you will definitely need the atlas. I assure you that this atlas will aid the location and viewing of objects that you never thought existed and push your telescope to its limits. Included are many of my personal favourite objects and related notes as to how I first described these objects at first sight! It’s especially made for use outdoors and there are many features that make the book unique such as the following:

Special Features

-Thousands of observable objects!

View countless Star Clusters, Galaxies, Emission Nebulae, Planetary Nebulae, and Multiple Star Systems & Variable Stars.

-Detailed Star Maps!

Bright and faint deep space objects are illustrated for small and larger size amateur telescopes. Objects are listed with all relevant information! All maps show very faint stars which significantly assist an observer in locating any object.

-Star Maps represent our South African sky and are not upside down like most other star maps!

All maps are correctly orientated, accurately representing the star constellations as viewed from your home, a unique feature of this atlas!

-Easy identification of all constellations.

Each star map illustrates extremely faint stars within the constellation boundary, but only naked-eye stars of all the surrounding constellations. This helpful feature prevents an observer from being overwhelmed by hundreds of other unnecessary stars on the map.

Southern and Northern sky horizon lines greatly assist first-time viewers in becoming familiar with most constellations.

-Excellent contrast for night-time visibility.

White stars on a black background offer any observer unbeatable contrast. Only the use of an easily obtainable low intensity red lamp is necessary for clearer visibility!

-Finder Circles.

A 5 degree  and 1 degree Finder-Scope and Eye-Piece circle is plotted on each star map which provides an accurate scale of distance. Star-hopping is significantly easier!

-Water proof pages and Wirebound!

All the pages are laminated which prevent damage and curling of the star maps during the evening as a result of being exposed to dew. The book is rigid and therefore only requires the use of a single hand while your other hand holds the torch. The book will last a lifetime!

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